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Updated: Feb 16, 2023 all know that we must have a routine and one of the best ways to form a routine is to have habits which in turn will form our behavioural pattern. It’s a scientifically proven fact that are a total sum of our thoughts, out thoughts make out mindset and based on our that we take actions. It’s also rightly said that “How we do one thing is how we do everything”. Now that we have enough evidence to provide credibility to the importance of forming good habits as one thing leads to another and base of it is our Habits.

It will not be wrong to say that we all know that it is due to our routine that we lead an organized or disorderly life. The impact of a routine is not just physical but mental and emotional as well. It is all inter-connected. So, it is not just important rather essential to form good habits. The journey to your success starts by inculcating good habits i.e. your attitude towards life. What are good Habits? You could start by even decluttering you mind, your physical and digital space. Eat and sleep well. If you treat your body like a temple; your body will treat you like a God.

Why is it important to have good habits? How to develop good habits? Which are the most essential habits to gain more knowledge and achieve success? 1. Surround yourself with progressive people. Because of your good habits you will become a part of a progressive alliance, your company will create your mindset and your mindset will carve your vision. Be in the company of people who are more successful than you. Be inspired so that you can inspire others.

2. Read more. Readers are the leaders. By all means read, read more, research more and write more. It will help you stimulate your mind. It will create interest in learning new things.


3.Believe in yourself. Indulge into experiment, explore, be productive. Self-belief makes you see things with more clarity, more relaxed and focused. Believing in your own capability will build your confidence.

4. Empathy and Gratitude. Cultivate the habit of being grateful for everything that you get from universe and give thanks relentlessly. Be mindful of your actions and the impact of that on others. Be a giver, contribute in the growth of others and see how quickly you start to grow. We reap what we sow so plant the seeds of good, progressive thoughts.

5. Set achievable Goals. Be it realistic or totally crazy, by all means set Goals. Set Goals with definite deadlines. Without milestones there are only wishes and not goals. Dreams without actions are just wishful thinking and nothing more.

Now we come to the real challenge which is how to stay committed to these habits. Just like taking a step ahead and deciding which are the good habits that we wish to start our journey, it’s equally important that we make a plan of action to stick to our routine.

1. Identify the Habits (start with 5 atleast)

2. Make a decision and a commitment to self.

3. Discover your obstacles, challenges (if any)

4. Devise a Plan

5. Employ visualization and affirmations

6. Enlist an accountability partner/support from family/friends

7. Find healthy ways to reward yourself. Something to motivate you to finish what you started.

These are a few tips from your brand and positioning Coach Shweta and you can share your feedback and connect directly with me on my social media platform under @coachshweta or you can write to me at Subscribe for the newsletter to get more useful nuggets in breaking the inner code and becoming a successful person. For business growth follow my business coaching platform under (subscribe for the newsletter of BNL club for business growth tips).

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