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A Mightier Pen

A must read - Amazon India Best Seller

An Ultimate Guide to Build your Personal Brand

This book will not only motivate readers to write but will make them walk on the entire journey of writing, publishing, and distributing their own book.
Consider this book as a reference to create your irreplaceable business asset.

A Sneak Peak

A Mightier Pen

A mightier pen by Coach Shweta is a book on how and why one must write a book. Your book is an extension of your thoughts, ideas, and intellectual property. As an author, you command your unique positioning as an industry expert.

It is a handy guide to creating your irreplaceable business card and finally becoming an author.  At the end of it, you will be a storyteller, and master of your skill while discovering yourself and contributing to your domain, you will open multiple doors of opportunities for yourself.  By default, you will end up creating your legacy and money.

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